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Sonic Fireworks Demo Night

Friday 13th October - 7pm to 10pm

Thank-you to the 300+ plus people that came to our Demo Night, We hope you enjoyed it.

We let off 24 mainly new fireworks for the 2017 season. (Remind yourself of the firing list below)

Online Review Competition

Those of you that attended make sure you enter the online review competition. Log-in to this site (Log-in bottom left of this page) and give us an honest and useful review of the products you saw at our demo night or any of our other products. The best review in our opinion judged at 3pm on Sunday 22nd October 2017 with win a Phoenix Rising cake worth £72 (25 metre safety distance firework).

Want to come to next year's Demo Night 2018?

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Firing List from Friday 13th October 2017.
(Please note that on the paperwork Lotus Flower was listed as firing at 7)

Firing Order
Product Name
1Lotus Flower
22x Mystic Fountains
32x Razzle Tazzle Cakes
42x Ritzy Glitzy Cakes
5Samurai Spirit Cake
6Acid Rain Cake
7Radiant Spirals Cake
8Rebel Cake
9Wave Willow Cake
10Angel Dust Cake
11Monsoon Blast Cake
12Wrath of the Gods Cake
135pce Nitro Rocket Pack
14Optimise Cake/Single Ignition
15Phoenix Rising Cake (Win this cake in our Review Competition)
16King Midus Cake
17Hercules Cake/Single Ignition
18Wild Wolves Cake
19Conqueror Cake
20Hercules Limited Edition Cake/Single Ignition
21Legend Cake/Single Ignition
222x Hulk Rockets
23Icon Cake/Single Ignition
24Retribution Cake/Single Ignition (withdrawn from sale)